Live Nature is a private, family-owned, infrastructure ground lease investment company in the Republic of Estonia. We focus on a niche market - wireless ground lease buyouts, i.e. we are a landlord to cell tower operators.

We own 68 freehold properties across Estonia that have wireless towers on them. The towers on our land have been built by Estonian mobile network operators (Telia, Tele2 and Elisa), who use our land according to long term leases. Our portfolio carries about 7% of all cell towers in Estonia. The vast majority of wireless ground lease agreements in Estonia are ironclad, unbreakable, NNN leases that usually last from 25-50 years. The average lease contract duration in our portfolio is 42 years and the average time remaining on a lease as of 2024 stands at 22 years. About 70% of our ground lease cash flow is fully readjustable based on CPI, 10% is unadjustable and the rest is readjustable on various terms that are either partly CPI or land tax value based.

We also invest in other types of freehold properties encumbered by long term ground leases - farmland, land under railroads, gas stations, solar farms and factories.

We continuously look to expand our ground lease portfolio.

In addition to that, we occasionally take minority stakes in private and public companies.

If You have questions or proposals, feel free to contact us.

Properties owned by Live Nature that have wireless towers on them. Purple indicates Telia towers, black indicates Tele2 and blue marks Elisa:

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